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                                Academic Advantage Tutoring

Is your child experiencing difficulty with reading, writing and/or Mathematics? Perhaps, he/she is getting satisfactory results but lacks the confidence, skills and strategies necessary to achieve better marks. Private tutoring can give your child the ACADEMIC ADVANTAGE ! Achieving academic success provides a powerful foundation for future success.

My name is Debbie Stevens and, as a private tutor, I support students' educational needs so that each child can reach his/her full potential. I am an experienced and fully qualified teacher offering individual tuition in Maths and English for primary and secondary students.

Along with written work and online computer activities, I provide access to a large variety of hands-on teaching materials and games which enhance understanding and make learning fun. As students' skills and comprehension develop, so does their confidence and self-esteem.

If you are interested in finding out more about tutoring for your child, please phone or email me. My contact details are on the final page of this site.

Did you know that research has shown that music education can benefit children's brain development, their ability to focus and thereby enhance learning? For more information on the positive benefits of music, please follow my link to  


Although I'm an Australian, English is my second language. Debbie has helped me improve my English. Where I used to get C's, I am now receiving B's and A's. 
We work together on speaking, reading comprehension and writing. She has taught me spelling and grammar rules, helped me to plan my writing tasks and assignments and is good at explaining things that I find difficult at school.
As well as English, Debbie has given me assistance and encouragement   with other subjects such as Maths, Science and SOSE. 
My parents and I believe that the tutoring with Debbie has been really worthwhile.

Kelvin N.   Grade 8 student


I am a 30 year old English guy who is currently living in Brisbane, Australia. I approached Debbie to help me with my highest educational mountain to date - the Maths involved in a post-secondary course in Ultrasonics.
I am trying really hard to secure a brighter future with a more fulfilling career. At first, I was sure that it was outside of my learning capacity as I didn't even complete low-level high school Maths. Not only has Debbie built a strong Maths foundation for me, she has also given me confidence in myself to progress as far as my heart desires.
I intend to carry on tutoring with Debbie - with my Maths and also to address some discrepancies with my English.
I think this amazing woman can have a positive impact on anyone's educational goals and their life.

Laurie R.
Wakerley (formerly Cumbria, UK)

My daughter, Georgia, has been tutored in Grade 7 Maths with Debbie for approximately eight months now and I am so pleased with how far Georgia has come in that time.
Georgia was not a lover of Maths and found she struggled with even the basics. She lacked confidence with the subject and in turn, it showed in her grades.
One-on-one time with Debbie and her great teaching skills has taught Georgia to love Maths again. She now feels confident doing her exams and her most recent grades showed all A's. As a parent, I am thrilled. In Georgia's words - "Debbie made Maths fun! She taught me how to do all the basics and because of that, I found I was always confident going into an exam."
Debbie covered not only Maths with Georgia but any other subject or homework she was unsure about or needed help answering.
Debbie goes beyond being just the tutor. She genuinely cares about her students and their success in school. She gives more of her time than paid for and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone who is looking for a tutor.

Lisa M.


Our daughter, Letitia, was having some trouble with Grade Five Maths and, when we heard about Debbie's one-on-one tutoring, we decided to investigate further. Since Debbie started tutoring our daughter, we have noticed a remarkable difference, not only in her school work but in the growth of  her confidence. Letitia is now being helped with her English as well. My husband and I both recommend getting Debbie Stevens to tutor your child. Letitia finds her tutor, Debbie, friendly and helpful and looks forward to her weekly visit.

Judy, Brendan and Letitia B.

Debbie has tutored my daughters for the last two years. She listened to what their concerns were with their studies and put into action a plan that they could follow. Debbie gave my girls lots of encouragement and nothing was too much trouble. There was a marked improvement both in my daughters' results and their understanding of the work. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie Stevens to any family whose child may need some academic help.

Dorothea L.

I started using Debbie's tutoring expertise last year when my eldest daughter was struggling in Maths and her marks had dropped. This year, on her last report card, she received an A for Maths. I was so pleased. Not only has her grade improved, but she is really enjoying Maths. As she is now doing so well at Maths, I have asked Debbie to concentrate on improving her knowledge and skills in English.
About four months ago, my youngest daughter started with Debbie as well. She is in Grade 3 and was struggling with her reading. Prior to that, I had been spending extra time with her trying to help but she was not improving. After assessing her, Debbie has spent the one-on-one tutoring time focussing on a lot of the basics that she should have mastered in previous years. Since then, she has improved incredibly with her reading ability, attitude and confidence - so much so that her school teacher has noticed and remarked on the improvement.
Debbie is very caring person and enthusiastic about helping her students achieve to the best of their ability. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for an excellent tutor.

Julie K

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